About Us

Ranger Shredding a Division of RCI

Ranger Shredding is a division of Records Consultants Inc.(RCI) Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, RCI is a recognized leader in a variety of document management fields and provides a wide range of products and services to educational, municipal and other governmental, institutional and private sector clients. Our services include:

  • Records Retention and Document Management Solutions
  • Fixed Asset Inventory Management Services and Software
  • Property Appraisals
  • Infrastructure Valuations
  • Historical Cost Research

RCI is a privately held Texas corporation that has performed information management services for over two decades.

Clients Come First

About Ranger ShreddingWe know we only exist because our clients choose to do business with us. We will be the most reliable company our clients work with. Whatever our clients need, we will provide to the best of our ability. We personally guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied or you won’t pay for our services. Our service will be the best in the industry.

Commitment to Be the Best

Secure on-site destruction of your confidential documents is the only way to truly know you have protected your business and your customers. All of our employees go through annual criminal background investigations and random drug testing. All are trained on strict policies & procedures to ensure our secure shredding process is followed every time we provide our service.


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