Shredding Pricing

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How We Price Our Services:
We provide secure, on-site document destruction two primary ways:
  1. Recurring Service: We provide ongoing, regularly scheduled on-site destruction service customized to your company’s needs based on the container size, number of containers, and frequency of service required. We provide and maintain secure, locking document disposal cabinets and bins at no extra charge, and schedule recurring pick-ups based on the expected volume.
  2. One-Time Service: We provide single event, bulk destruction service to accommodate “Purges” or “Clean-Outs” that don’t require recurring visits.

Three factors determine the pricing for our services:

  1. Volume of Material: This the number of cabinets, bins, or boxes of documents or media that need to be destroyed.
  2. Type of Material: We shred documents of all kinds, as well as hard drives, CDs, computer tapes, and other electronic media.
  3. Number of Pick-Ups: For Recurring Service, this is the number of regularly scheduled pick-ups needed per week, month, quarter, or year, based on your needs and requirements.

In order for us to provide you a FREE, no-obligation quote for your specific situation, we need to understand what you need to have destroyed, how much of it you have, and how often you need us to pick it up.

We’re happy to provide your FREE, no-obligation quote over the phone when you call or when you complete our online “Contact Me” Quote Request Form.

Unlike with most of our competitors, you are NEVER locked into a long-term contract with Ranger Shredding. That means we have to earn your repeat business every time we provide service.

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